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Discover the premium lifestyle your rabbits deserve with TwoBun, your go-to online source for high-quality rabbit supplies. From gourmet foods and luxurious bedding to innovative toys and care products, TwoBun offers everything you need for the ultimate rabbit care experience.

Our Favourites

Dried Fruit Series

Our dehydrated fruits for small animals are carefully prepared in a dehydrator machine at low temperatures, unlike the conventional oven-drying method. This meticulous process ensures that the essential nutrients of the fruits are preserved, offering a healthy treat option for your furry companions. Moreover, dehydrated fruits offer a convenient, mess-free alternative to fresh fruits, eliminating the hassle of cutting and dealing with juicy spills. They are also perfect for portion control, making them an ideal reward for your fur-babies. Suitable for small animals that can consume dried fruits!

Wooden Castle Set With Bridge

Traditionally, castles are usually reserved for royalties. As pet owners, we tend to treat our pets very well, like how a person would treat the royal family! What's a better gift for your small king or queen? Gift your small pet a majestic treatment with TwoBun's wooden castle housing! This housing is designed to replace the traditional log-styled hidey place with a castle that your pet can hop on. Made 100% out of natural birch plywood, the wooden castle is both durable and safe to be chewed by your naughty bunny. Don't worry about your bunny destroying the whole castle as the plywood's thickness can last for many years even if your bunny chews it every day!

Premium Australian Golden Oat Hay

Is your rabbit or guinea pig getting tired of eating the same hay everyday? The type of hay that is easily available includes timothy hay and alfalfa hay. These hay meets the general requirement of your rabbit and guinea pig but overtime, they may get bored of it thus, eating less. Oat hay may be able to help excite your pet to eat once again! Our Australia Oat Hay is sun-cured and has a fragrant aroma which will pique your pet's interest and it's a good go for picky hay eaters.

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