About Us - Twobun

Our Mission

TwoBun’s main goal is always to ensure rabbits have a better life. Since ancient times, rabbits are often viewed as a food source, and transitioning from that to having them as pets leaves many new owners clueless on how to care for them. We hope to change that by educating new rabbit owners on how to care for their new family member and also providing rabbits a better life with high quality enrichments and essentials.

Enrichments And Essentials

Since rabbits are not common household pets, it is hard to come across treats or feeds that are good for your rabbits. Many mass producers make bunny treats without bothering with their ingredient content. In short term, the rabbit may seem fine and enjoy the treats but in long term, the rabbit’s health may be affected. We hope to change this dynamic by providing better enrichments and better essentials.

We want rabbit owners to view their pets like themselves. Just like how we humans take precautions when consuming certain products, we feel that rabbit owners should do this for them just like how a parent would treat their child. Rabbits are very delicate pets and if you are bonded with your rabbit, you will know how much love they give you!

Why TwoBun’s Products Are The Best In The Market

With years of rabbit keeping and research, we are confident that we know many do’s and don’ts when it comes to rabbit keeping. From knowing the proper way to care for them to know what ingredients or food is safe for them, we have this knowledge in the back of our heads. With this knowledge, we strive to make enrichments in the form of treats with safe and organic ingredients for your bunny.

All of TwoBun’s treats are made without preservatives and nasties. They are made purely out of raw materials that are safe to be consumed by rabbits. With extra love and care, we make sure that our treats are tasty and enjoyable for your bunnies! Like with all treats, overfeeding is not encouraged even with the excessive begging of your bunnies. We personally feed all of our bunnies our own handmade treats for months before releasing it to the public as they are our personal taste tester and quality controller.

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