Easy-To-Clean Rabbit Litter Box Setup

As rabbit owners, we are always on the hunt to find a litter box setup that is both effective and easy to clean. After numerous trial and error and going through multiple different litter boxes, we have managed to find a setup that works best for us! This setup is so easy to clean that we can fully clean the litterbox in less than 5 minutes.

Do take note that we considered these 2 factors because we clean our rabbit's litter box every day. For context, we have 2 free roam rabbits that are properly litter trained and also, fortunately, don't suffer from "heavy-ammonia" smelling urine. As you know, one adult rabbit can poop up to 300 poops a day! That is why we needed to find a litter box that can cater to their waste and also cleans up easily.

This setup may not work if your rabbit's poop size is larger than 1.5 cm in diameter. Also, please ensure that your rabbits are litter trained (easier than you think). If they are not litter trained yet, you can refer to our guide on how to litter train your rabbit!

Rabbit Litter Box Setup

Dozy in the litter box
Dozy in the litter box
Dozy in the litter box

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Things you need to setup a rabbit's litter box

  1. Large Litter Box
  2. Regular Pee Pad or Paper bedding
  3. (For Cleaning) White Vinegar

Litter Box with Grid

When it comes to litter boxes, we have tried so many different type of litter boxes. Yes, including those that are meant for rabbits. Safe to say, those that were meant for rabbits are not effective as they are usually too small.

We did plenty of research to find the right litter box and finally we came across this acrylic litter box with grid! Perfect grid compartment to place a pee pad or paper bedding to pick up the pee and poo without getting our bunnies feet stained.

Regular Pee Pad (Medium Size)

For the pee pad, we found out that a general pee pad that caters to dogs works quite well with rabbits. Ideally, you would want to find a pee pad that is pet-friendly as rabbits tend to munch on things. But if you are following this setup, the rabbit should have no access to the pee pad as there is a layer of grid to cover it!

We personally use the one from Petbest which can be found in Shopee. As for our international readers, we did some digging and found KIHKIH’s Pee Pads comes the closest to the one we use. It is also the more economical one compared to other brands. We have not tested out KIHKIH’s pee pads so if you ever try it, please let us know your thoughts!

White Vinegar (For Cleaning)

Spraying down a mixture of white vinegar and water onto the dirty litter box helps eliminate pee stains and smell. Ensuring our litter box to be 100% clean and fresh for our rabbits to use.

Rabbit Litter Box Cleaning Guide

Ok so you have decided to give this setup a try. Next thing to find out is – How do I clean it under 5 minutes? We will simplify the cleaning process to just 5 simple steps that you can accomplish in less than 5 minutes! 

Step 1: Consolidating the waste

This step is fairly straightforward. All you have to do is to pull the grids up and then toss what is on the grid into the litter box onto the pee pad. Sometimes you may have rabbit poop that is stuck in between the grids. We usually just take a piece of hay and poke them all onto the pee pad.

Step 2: Fold and toss the pee pad into a waste bag

For this step, you can opt to use a greener alternative to plastic bag. For simplicity sake, we will be demonstrating this step with a plastic bag.

Step 3: Rinse litter box with water

We recommend rinsing the litter box to ensure that hygiene levels are kept at maximum. We emphasize on this because we have come across rabbit owner that are lazy and they tend to not rinse after cleaning the litter box. Not rinsing the litter box may cause strong smell of ammonia to linger.

Step 4: Spray litter box with vinegar solution

Since our rabbits are 100% litter trained, removing the scent completely from the litter box will not make them forget where to do their business. We recommend doing this if your rabbit lives in the same room as you and free roams. Read more on how to litter train your rabbit here!

Step 5: Wipe dry and place a new layer of pee pad

We recommend placing the pee pad firmly into the litter box with nothing exposed. This is to ensure that your rabbit is unable to reach the pee pad. Some pee pad may have artificial scent/coloring or even activated carbon which can be dangerous if ingested by your rabbit!

Alternative To Pee Pads

If you don’t want to use a pee pad or where you’re from does not have ease of access to pee pads – there are a few alternatives that you can consider as well. Some other alternative includes beddings and more.

Some of these alternatives may have better absorption rate compared to pee pad and possibly more economical in the long run. We don’t use beddings as we have encountered problems with them in the past. We also found out that it causes a lot of wastage as we clean our litter boxes very often.

And there you have it! A litter box setup that is very effective and cleans in under 5 minutes. If this setup works for you, feel free to share this post with other rabbit owners. If you would like to learn more on how to litter train your rabbit, you can check out our post here!

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