care & tips - 8 min read
How to care for your rabbit/bunny after neutering
Caring for your rabbit after neutering (also known as post-operative care) is simple but also very important. The way you care for your bunny after neutering will most likely be the deciding factor in whether your bunny lives or dies. If you have done the necessary preparation for your bunny’s pre-surgery, they should be in a better condition going through the post-recovery.Most of the death
care & tips - 12 min read
Using rabbit poop as fertilizer/compost for gardens
If you are a rabbit owner, the thought of using your bunny’s poop as fertilizer will have crossed your mind. The thought always pops up as we are cleaning the litter box. This is because a healthy and well-fed rabbit can poop up to 300 poop pallets every day! But is their poop suitable to be used as fertilizers? We will discuss it based on our research and also, on our experiment!The short a
care & tips - 14 min read
how do you potty train a pet rabbit/bunny at home
A very common misunderstanding is that rabbits are not intelligent creatures thus, can't be potty trained. However, this is untrue as rabbits can be litter trained just like any other pet. Potty training, also known as potty training is very crucial if you allow your pet bunny to free roams your house/compound. A rabbit that is litter trained comes with many benefits and most importantly, makes yo
health - 12 min read
benefits of neutering/spaying a rabbit or bunnies
Neutering a bunny benefits their overall health and can make your life as a bunny owner easier. Neutering stands for the process of having an animal undergo surgery to remove its reproductive organ. For female animals, neutering (also known as spaying) removes their uterus and ovaries, and for males, their testicles. This will make the animal infertile which is g
health - 7 min read
Preparing your bunny & rabbit for neutering/spaying
If you didn’t already know, rabbit neutering is the process of removing the rabbit’s reproductive organ via surgery. Like with every surgery, there is always the risk of something going wrong during the surgery. These accidents can be fatal to your bunny if not handled properly.But does that mean you should avoid putting your bunny through neutering? No! Neutering your rabbit brings mo
care & tips - 6 min read
Best Simple Rabbit Litter Box Setup For Bunnies
As rabbit owners, we are always on the hunt to find a litter box setup that is both effective and easy to clean. After numerous trial and error and going through multiple different litter boxes, we have managed to find a setup that works best for us! This setup is so easy to clean that we can fully clean the litterbox in less than 5 minutes.Do take note that we considered these 2 factors
feeding & nutrition - 7 min read
Feeding Your Rabbit: What You Need to Know
Just like any other pet, ensuring a balanced diet for your pet rabbit is crucial for its health and well-being. The cornerstone of a rabbit's diet is primarily high-quality grass hay, complemented by hay-based pellets, a variety of vegetables, and the occasional treat of fruits or any rabbit-safe treats. With this nutritious approach, your bunny will enjoy optimal digestion, and their natural
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