Wooden Castle Set With Bridge

RM152.00 - RM165.00


Traditionally, castles are usually reserved for royalties. As pet owners, we tend to treat our pets very well, like how a person would treat the royal family! What's a better gift for your small king or queen? Gift your small pet a majestic treatment with TwoBun's wooden castle housing! This housing is designed to replace the traditional log-styled hidey place with a castle that your pet can hop on. Made 100% out of natural birch plywood, the wooden castle is both durable and safe to be chewed by your naughty bunny. Don't worry about your bunny destroying the whole castle as the plywood's thickness can last for many years even if your bunny chews it every day!

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ENRICHMENT - Be it nap time, snack time, or even playtime, your bunny companion can enjoy all activities using the castle. Train them to eat on top of the castle and you will be blessed with a lovely sight! EASY ASSEMBLY - Assembling the castle will only take you 15 minutes max. The wooden castle set can be assembled like a lego without using any tools. It is designed with a simple slide-and-knock style to ease the assembly process. If you are having difficulties in assembling the castle, please refer to this assembly video that we have made. Do note that this video was taken before the wooden castle is upgraded for easy installation. Assembling the wooden castle now is way easier than shown in the video! https://youtu.be/gATSQRDlrfk If you are still having trouble assembling it, don't be shy to reach out to us for help! HIGH QUALITY AND SAFE - Made with all-natural birch plywood, the wooden castle is designed to be very sturdy and safe. If you have a rebellious bunny that likes to chew on things, this castle can withstand even the naughtiest of rabbits! DURABLE – Thick birch plywood is used to ensure the wooden castle can withstand multiple rabbits using it. The large size can comfortably hold 2 medium-sized bunnies on the top without fidgeting. CUSTOMIZABLE - Since it is made with just plain birch plywood, customization comes easy! For creative individuals, feel free to let your artistic side go wild and paint the castle with pet-friendly paint. Wood irregularities/spots will be present as it is 100% natural. Small heat marks along the edges and outlines can be visible as well. Feel free to get creative and paint the castle with pet-friendly paint!

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