Premium Australian Golden Oat Hay

RM22.50 - RM85.00


Is your rabbit or guinea pig getting tired of eating the same hay everyday? The type of hay that is easily available includes timothy hay and alfalfa hay. These hay meets the general requirement of your rabbit and guinea pig but overtime, they may get bored of it thus, eating less. Oat hay may be able to help excite your pet to eat once again! Our Australia Oat Hay is sun-cured and has a fragrant aroma which will pique your pet's interest and it's a good go for picky hay eaters.

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Our oat hay is imported from Australia, it has a delightful mix of crunchy stems, sweet leaves, and whole oat seeds that rabbits absolutely love. It's packed with fiber to keep their digestive systems running smoothly and has a great texture that helps with dental care by encouraging lots of healthy chewing. Adding oat hay to their diet is like giving them a little adventure, encouraging their natural foraging instincts and keeping them happily entertained.

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