Orchard Grass Hay


Sweet and tasty – best for the picky eaters!

Orchard grass hay is recommended for small herbivores due to its high nutritional content. The hay is high in fiber and protein which supports small herbivore health. Mix it with other hay to promote good dental and intestinal health.

Orchard grass hay bears the most similarity with timothy hay. In comparison, orchard grass hay is said to be slightly sweeter, has softer stems, and better fragrance.

Orchard grass hay is suitable for rabbits, chinchillas & guinea pigs.

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Orchard Grass Hay

Is your bunny or guinea pig getting tired of their usual diet and refusing to eat as much? Often they will get bored of their current hay as they are having it every day. Sometimes switching up their essential feed can prompt them to start eating again! The fragrance of different hay will usually excite them to explore.

orchard grass hay
Orchard grass hay

The usual diet of rabbits and guinea pig includes timothy hay and alfalfa hay in the South East Asia region as these hays are the most accessible here. Giving them a different something different is considered a “premium treatment” and the orchard grass hay is perfect for that.

If you are planning to switch from a different type of hay to orchard grass hay, Two Bun recommends doing it in a slow introductory manner as they may not be used to it!

Orchard Grass Hay details:

Origin: Imported

Weight: 500 grams

Storage instruction: Dry and shaded area

Shelf life: 6 months and longer with proper storage

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 33 × 43 × 4 cm