Essentials are the bread and butter of all pet owners. These essentials serve a daily purpose and it can be anything from the hay that you feed to your bunny every day or even their litter box.

TwoBun’s selection of bunny essentials is not only very efficient for their purpose but also brings benefits and aesthetics.

  • rabbit essential feed orchard grass hay

    Orchard Grass Hay


    Sweet and tasty – best for the picky eaters!

    Orchard grass hay is recommended for small herbivores due to its high nutritional content. The hay is high in fiber and protein which supports small herbivore health. Mix it with other hay to promote good dental and intestinal health.

    Orchard grass hay bears the most similarity with timothy hay. In comparison, orchard grass hay is said to be slightly sweeter, has softer stems, and better fragrance.

    Orchard grass hay is suitable for rabbits, chinchillas & guinea pigs.

  • Multi Layered Essential Rabbit Carriermulti layered pet carrier

    Pet Carrier


    When it comes to traveling or bringing your pet around, a pet carrier is essential. However, many pet carriers do not go beyond their function of just carrying your pets around. Canvas carriers may leak your pet’s urine out and some pet carriers may not be able to support the weight of your pet.

    This multi-layered pet carrier is designed with functionality in mind. Traveling with your furry companion has never been easier! Built with a removable grid, you don’t have to worry about your pet’s poop and urine coming out when using.

    Pee pad can be fitted under the grid to collect the piss. This is very useful for long car rides or even just taking your pet’s around!

    The multi-layered-pet-carrier comes in 2 colors that you can choose from;
    1) Concrete Gray
    2) Ocean Blue

    The pet carrier is suitable for small dogs, cats, rabbits, and more. We have tested with 2 rabbits and they both fit comfortably.