Enrichments are what make your bunny’s life worth living! Our bunny enrichments include treats, toys, housing, and more.

TwoBun’s enrichment treats are made with safety in mind. All of the treats contain no preservatives or additives. They are made with natural ingredients and are very delicious for small animals.

  • Forage blend series bunny enrichmentdifferences between forage blend series flavors

    Forage Blend Series


    Are you in search of a treat that can entice your bunny? Our forage blend series may be able to do just that. It is made to give your bunny scent senses a pack of punch! The forage blend series comes with a selected variety of dried flowers to give life to the enrichment.

    The forage blend series can be served alone or as hay topping to encourage your bunny’s natural foraging behavior! When served as a hay topping, your rabbit is more inclined to explore as the flowers we used are filled with a natural scent that is very attractive to them.

    The forage blend series comes with dried flowers such as calendula, rose petals, lavender, cornflower, chamomile, dandelion, and mint leaves. On top of that, the forage blend series also comes in 2 flavors:

    a) Fruity Blend
    b) Veggie Blend

    The forage blend series is suitable for small animals that are naturally attracted to the scent of dried flowers. These small animals include rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and more.

  • wooden castle with bridge housing for rabbit and guinea pigswooden castle housing with bridge

    Wooden Castle with Bridge Housing


    Traditionally, castles are usually reserved for royalties. As pet owners, we tend to treat our pets very well, like how a person would treat the royal family! What’s a better gift for your small king or queen?

    Gift your small pet a majestic treatment with TwoBun’s wooden castle housing! This housing is designed to replace the traditional log-styled hidey place with a castle that your pet can hop on.

    The castle comes in 3 sizes that you can choose from, please check the size to ensure that it fits your bunny!
    1) Small
    2) Large
    3) Large with drawbridge

    Please check the castle to ensure that it fits your bunny!

    The wooden castle enrichment is suitable for small pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs.

  • healthy fruity loofah treat for bunnies and guinea pigs made with real fruits.fruity loofah treat for rabbits

    Fruity Loofah Treat


    A flavorful treat that will satisfy even the pickiest ones!

    The fruity loofah treat has gotten its inspiration from colorful—delicious donuts. The fruity loofah treat is created due to the lack of treats variety in the small pets’ world. Every pet should be able to enjoy the fullest of their life and what’s there to enjoy without having a tasty treat once in a while?

    Fruity loofah treat is suitable for small animals that are attracted to fruits such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, and gerbils.

  • rainbow loofah bar treat for rabbits and guinea pigsrainbow loofah bar treats enrichment for bunnies and guinea pigs

    Rainbow Loofah Bars


    The edible loofah treat that will make your bunny go wild!

    TwoBun’s rainbow loofah bars are inspired by colorful cereal bars. The rainbow loofah bars will give your bunny a pack of scent punch which will make them go crazy!

    TwoBun’s rainbow loofah bars are made with ingredients that are naturally attractive to small animals. From unprocessed loofah up to the dried flowers. We made sure that these ingredients are safe to consume and delicious to eat! All ingredients used to make the end product are natural and unprocessed with no preservatives added.

    The rainbow loofah bars are suitable for small animals that are attracted to fruits and flowers such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, and gerbils.