Ice Cream Cookie Treats

RM10.00 - RM15.00


Made with love and natural ingredients, the ice cream cookie is a treat to be enjoyed by every bunnies and piggies out there! The ice cream cookies treats are made with ingredients that are safe to be consumed by your little ones. It it also made with no preservatives thus, please ensure that it is kept well and consumed within 3 months to enjoy the best of it.

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The ice cream treat comes in 5 flavors to choose from: 🍧 Apple Bok Bok --> oat flour, bok choy, apple 🍧 Blue Mint Berry --> oat flour, blueberry, mint leaf 🍧 Mangolicious --> oat flour, mango, carrot, calendula 🍧 Classic Papaya --> oat flour, papaya, carrot 🍧 Pink Berry --> oat flour, strawberry, rose, lavender Each tub of ice cream series comes with two options 1) Small - 12 pieces 2) Large - 20 pieces STORAGE INSTRUCTION Please store all of Two Bun's handmade products in airtight container to ensure its quality is kept at its best. Avoid direct sunlight and store in cool and dark place. EXPIRY DATE Upon ordering any of Two Bun's handmade product, we advise it to be consumed within 3 months to for your pets to enjoy the best of the product. PRECAUTION When introducing new diet and treats to your pets, we advise to do it in a slow introductory manner. Supervision when feeding is advised. Do take note that slight color and shape differences is common as these products are handmade.

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